Monday, April 21, 2014

yhä - edelleen - vielä

Another post trying to explain the small difference between words that are almost the same. All these words mean still.

Yhä is maybe the most old fashioned  and dramatic one, and usually not so used in spoken language. I did some googling and found these sentences in online magazines:

  • Olemme yhä naimisissa! - We are still married!
  • Sormus on yhä sormessa. - The ring is still on the finger.

Usually people say vielä or edelleen. 

Still is also silti, among other things.

  • Tänään on vapaapäivä, mutta mulla on silti tosi paljon töitä. - Today is a day off, but I still have a lot of work to do. 

Vielä can also be yet and another or additionally.

  • Ei vielä! - Not yet!
  • Ottakaa vielä lisää pullaa! - Take some more pulla!


  1. Hei Hanna, thank you sooo much for your great work! I just found your blog a while ago and it helps me a lot.

    So edelleen and vielä can both be used in the same cases except in those last ones.
    What about enää? Can you tell me what's the diffenence between edelleen/vielä and enää?

    Thank you a lot, Sandra

    1. Hmm.. "Ei vielä"is "Not yet" and "Ei enää" is "Not anymore." "Edelleen" is usually only used in a positive sentence.

      Here's a song with enää.:)