Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Just a little post about Suomi and suomi. Notice that it's one of those words that end with an i. The i becomes an e before partitive and other endings.

  • Suomi on kiva kieli ja ihana maa. - Finnish is a nice language and (Finland is) a lovely country. 
  • Puhutko sinä suomea? - Do you speak Finnish?
  • Tämä on Suomen paras leivontablogi. - This is Finland's best baking blog.
  • Kuinka kauan sinä olet asunut Suomessa? - How long have you lived in Finland?
  • Mitä sä ajattelet Suomesta? - What do you think about Finland?
  • Milloin sinä muutit Suomeen? - When did you move to Finland?
  • Sano se suomeksi! - Say it in Finnish!

The nationality and adjective Finnish is suomalainen.

If something is in Finnish, it's suomenkielinen.

  • Onko tässä suomenkielistä tekstitystä? - Does this have Finnish subtitles?
  • Mä haluan suomenkieliset ohjeet! - I want Finnish instructions!


  1. Thank you for your blog. I found it outstanding. I teach Russian myself, and I also prefer this way of teaching: no rules, just logic and understanding. And ability to talk at least a bit right after the first lesson :)
    So your posts are extremely useful for learning Finnish!

    Greetings from Ukraine.

  2. This is a great idea especially for some of us who are learning the language....Some editing needs to be done though