A Finnish conversation group for women

Are you looking for a peer support group for living and working in Finland and raising bilingual/multilingual kids? Would you like to structure and practice your Finnish and get feedback from a teacher?

Join a ladies' Finnish conversation group in Skype!

We'll start off with four meetings with four or five ladies. The main language of conversation is Finnish, so you should be a bit more advanced than a beginner and comfortable with speaking in Finnish. We'll have our own Skype group and share links and notes via Google docs. The price of a four-meeting conversation course is 50 euros per person. I haven't decided the time yet, but the first person interested gets to suggest a regular morning/evening time. :)

Email me at hanna.mannikkolahti@gmail.com if you are interested in the group. You can also suggest me other types of conversation groups. If you are taking the Yki exam in August, you can already sign up for a mini Yki course in August.

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