Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Finnish local endings

Here's a small table about the local endings. They are really just prepositions at the end of the word. :)

From where?

The verb expresses some kind of movement.

There is no movement in the verb. It is very often just olla, to be. And käydä!
To where?

The verb expresses some kind of movement.

Ota kirja laukusta.

(Take the book from the bag.)

Ending: STA or STÄ
Kirja on laukussa.

(The book is in the bag.)

Ending: SSA or SSÄ
Laita kirja laukkuun.

(Put the book into the bag.)

Ending: double vowel + N (usually)

on top
close by
Ota kirja pöydältä.

(Take the book from the table.)

Ending: LTA or LTÄ
Kirja on pöydällä.

(The book is on the table.)

Ending: LLA or LLÄ
Laita kirja pöydälle.

(Put the book (to) on the table.)

Ending: LLE

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Novels in easy Finnish

Since the book that I have simplified is not in bookstores and libraries quite yet, I decided to write a post about other novels in easy / simplified Finnish. I asked my friend and old student to share her favourite five easy Finnish books. Kiitos, Jenna! :)

1. Ensimmäinen murhani by Leena Lehtolainen, simplified by Leena Kaivosoja-Ukkola, ("...ja kaikki muut Maria Kallio -kirjat - ...and all the other books about Maria Kallio.")

Ensimmäinen murhani - My First Murder

2. Aarresaari by Robert L.Stevenson, simplified by Pertti Rajala ("En ollut lukenut tätä englanniksikaan, ja oli hauska lukea kirja lyhyesti ja selkeästi suomeksi. Seuraavaksi aion lukea Robinson Crusoen ja Maailman ympäri 80 päivässä. - I hadn't read this in English either, and it was fun to read it in short and simple Finnish. Next, I'm going to read Robinson Crusoe and Around the World in 80 Days." )

Aarresaari - Treasure Island

3. Papin perhe by Minna Canth ,simplified by Saraleena Aarnitaival ("Tämän jälkeen haluan lukea enemmän suomalaisia klassikoita. - After this, I want to read more Finnish classics.")

Minna Canth

4. Tatu, Iiris ja pääkallomies by Marja-Leena Tiainen ("Tämä oli helpompi lukea sen jälkeen kun olin lukenut Maria Kallio -kirjat, koska olin jo oppinut paljon sanastoa. - This was easier to read after I had read the Maria Kallio books, because I had already learned a lot of vocabulary.)

Tatu, Iiris ja Pääkallomies - Tatu, Iiris and a Skull Man

5. Sairaalan kellot by Georges Simenon, simplified by Marja-Leena Avela ("Tämä oli hyvä, koska opiskelen sairaanhoitajaksi. Kirja on vanha, mutta siinä oli hyvää sairaalasanastoa. - This was good, because I study to become a nurse. The book is old, but it had good hospital vocabulary.")

Sairaalan kellot - The Bells of Bisetre (sairaala = a hospital)

If you cannot find the books you want in bookstores or libraries, you can reserve them on your local library's website. If you don't know how to do that, you can use these phrases:

The easy Finnish novels are often scattered around in different library sections, so the easiest way to find all of them at once is to write selkokirja in the search box of your library's webpage. I was positively surprised that my library has 336 books in easy Finnish! They even have the books that I haven't sent to my editor yet.:)

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Mitä sinä aiot lukea seuraavaksi? - What are you going to read next?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to say 'of' in Finnish

The English preposition 'of' is expressed at least in four different ways in Finnish:

With a genitive:

With a compound word:

With the elative ending 'sta' or the ablative ending 'lta':

With something absolutely different:

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Salla Simukka's novel Punainen kuin veri in easy Finnish

Ta-daa! I have a new job! I'm officially a selkomukauttaja now.

Selkomukauttaja is a person who rewrites books in simpler language, so I'd call myself a simplifier in EnglishI also continue to be a private teacher and an Yki exam evaluator, so my life won't really change that much except that I get to participate in events like Turun kirjamessut (at least this year) and perhaps talk to some cool writers. I have two novels completed and three more to come in the near future.

Salla Simukka, the author of the original novel, is one of the most translated Finnish author of all times, and her young adult trilogy about Lumikki Andersson has been really popular in many countries. (Lumikki means Snow White.) I chose this trilogy to be simplified, because it is suitable for both teenagers and adults, and I thought it might be fun for the readers to follow the same character in three stories. Also, they are planning a movie based on the trilogy.

Punainen kuin veri is the first novel of the trilogy. The heroine, Lumikki Andersson, is a 17-year-old high school student in Tampere. She and her classmates end up solving a mystery of a plastic bag full of bloody 500 euro bills. You can get into the mood of the book through these book trailers, even in multiple languages.

Here's a link to Avain's website where you can order the book.

The original novel has approximately 250 pages, but the novel in easy Finnish has only 120, and the lines are much shorter than in a regular book. The sentences are short, and the complex grammar structures are made much easier.

In order to help the readers, I have created a free online course about the novelEach section of four or five chapters has a short synopsis, a printable worksheet and ten multiple choice questions. I'm also working on a Memrise course based on the book, but it's not complete yet as I wanted to finish it while reading the actual book instead of a computer screen.

The easiest way to buy Punainen kuin veri is directly from the publisher's online store. You might also find the book in a good bookstore, or ask the bookstore to order it for you. You can definitely borrow or reserve Punainen kuin veri from any Finnish library. If it's not on the shelf, ask the library staff for help.

I'll add sample pages here once I have the actual book in my hands. It is ready, but it's not out there quite yet, because it's July and that's the month when Finland is taking a break. I will ask the publisher if I could get some kind of a campaign code for my blog readers so that you can get a discount.

I hope that you'll like the novel! It is also a great gift for someone who is studying Finnish and has reached at least an A2 or B1 level in their studies.

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p.s. The second novel of the trilogy, Valkea kuin lumiwill be published in easy Finnish later this summer, and Musta kuin ebenpuu will very likely be in simplified Finnish sometime in 2018. If you cannot wait, you can always read the original book or a translation.:)