Monday, August 21, 2017

How to say "by" in Finnish

Yes, how to say by is a tough question. Sometimes it seems that you can just use by in the middle of a Finnish expression:

I would say that you have four ways to avoid the horrible use of by in the middle of a Finnish text:

Use a genitive:

  • Suomen käsityömuseon järjestämä kansallispukunäytös - A national costume show organized by Craft Museum of Finland

Use a whole sentence: 

Use a colon or parenthesis:

I know that something by someone is a quite popular structure when it comes to Finnish blogs and small business and event names. I wonder how many years it will take and we'll have Uudenvuoden puhe by tasavallan presidentti?

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Friday, August 18, 2017

New podcasts in Mixcloud

Some of you might know that I have a Mixcloud account. I basically just interview people in easy Finnish and try to make them speak a bit more calmly and with simple structures and vocabulary. The latest interviews are with my friend and with my mother. I Hope you'll enjoy listening to us! :)

Click here to listen to Tulkki ja suomen kielen opettaja - An interpreter and a Finnish teacher.

Click here to listen to Käräjätuomari - A judge of district court.

p.s. It would be super nice if you commented something after listening to the podcast! I'm actually trying to persuade real radio people to make a real podcast with me, so it would be useful to have feedback from actual listeners.:)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Buying a book in Finnish

I have written a post about online shopping in Finnish before. This is a similar post, but focusing on the website where you can buy the easy Finnish edition of Punainen kuin veri, a young adult novel written by Salla Simukka. I have simplified it, and I'm super excited about my new job!

This is the text on the main page of the book:

  • Lisää ostoskoriin. - Add to the basket.
  • Tuotetta lisätty ostoskoriin 1 kpl. - 1 unit of the product has been added to the shopping basket.
  • Siirry koriin. - Go to the basket.

Ostoskori - Shopping basket

  • Email tai asnro - Email or customer number (asiakasnumero)
  • Salasana - Password
  • Rekisteröidy - Register
  • Kirjaudu ja tilaa - Log in and order
  • Tilaan kirjautumatta. - I will order without registering.
  • Henkilöasiakkaana - As an individual customer
  • Yritysasiakkaana - As a business customer
  • Tuote - Product
  • Hinta - Price
  • Lkm. - Amount (lukumäärä)
  • Kirje tai postipaketti - A letter or a package
  • Päivitä  - Update
  • Tyhjennä - Empty
  • Lahjakortti / Kampanjakoodi - Gift card / campaign code (The campaign code for my books is A4XQJV7W5WXD. The code is good until the end of September 2017.)
  • Voit lisätä ostokoriin lahjakortin tai kampanjakoodin kirjoittamalla tunnuksen alla olevaan kenttään ja  painamalla lähetä-painiketta.  - You can add a gift card or a campaign code to the shopping basket by adding the code to the field below and by pressing the Lähetä button.
  • Haluatko ostaa lahjakortin? - Do you want to buy a gift card?
  • Lähetä - Send

Tilauksen käsittely - Handling the order

  • Toimitusosoite - Delivery address
  • Nimi  - Name
  • Osoite - Address
  • Postinumero - Postal code
  • Postitoimiosoite - Town / City
  • Maa - Country
  • Laskutusosoite - Billing address
  • Maksajan osoite on eri kuin toimitusosoite. - The address of the payer is different from the recipient's address.
  • Muut tiedot - Other information
  • Sähköpostiosoite - Email address
  • Puhelinnumero - Phone number
  • Tilauksen lisätiedot - Additional information about the order
  • Jatka - Continue
  • Maksutapa - Way of paying 
  • Lahjapaketointi - Gift wrapping
  • Toimitusehdot - Terms of delivery
  • Mainonta - Advertising
  • Tietojani saa käyttää suoramarkkinointiin. - You can use my information for direct advertising.
  • Siirry maksamaan. - Go to pay.
  • Tilauksen toimitusaika-arvio - Estimated delivery time of the order

p.s. If you are still wondering whether you should get the book or not, here are some sample pages: 

Romaanin henkilöt - Characters of the novel

A map of Tampere to make the reading experience more fun!

A sample from pages 8 and 9.

A sample from pages 56 and 57.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to say 'about' in Finnish

Sometimes Finnish is so easy. The English about is either the the adverb noin or the ending sta / stä, depending on the sentence.

About = noin:

  • Maitopurkki maksaa noin euron. - A carton of milk costs about one euro.
  • Jyväskylästä Tampereelle on noin 150 kilometriä. - It's about 150 km from Jyväskylä to Tampere. 

You can replace noin with suunnilleen, which means approximately. 

  • Maitopurkki maksaa suunnilleen euron. - A carton of milk costs approximately one euro.

However, noin requires some kind of amount. With other words, use suunnilleen:

  • Tämä on suunnilleen näin. - This is approximately like this. 
  • Tämä on suunnilleen oikein. - This is approximately correct.

About = the ending sta or stä:

  • Saanko kysyä jotain Yki-testistä? - May I ask something about the Yki exam? 
  • Voidaanko vähän jutella sun rahankäytöstä? - Can we talk a little about the way you use money?

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